Who We Are


The Saint Paul Audubon Society was founded with 12 members on October 18, 1945 as the St. Paul Bird Club. By the end of the first year, the St. Paul Bird Club had 98 members.

Read more about the history of the Saint Paul Audubon Society from 1945 to 1979.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

If you want to know what Saint Paul Audubon is all about, birds are a good place to start. Our members care passionately about birds and the places they need to thrive.

St. Paul Auduboners, very simply, want to make the world a better place for birds, and by doing so, we hope to improve the world for all living things.

Our Programs Committee invites a fascinating array of speakers for our monthly members’ meetings, from an expert on hawk migration to a renowned authority on biodiversity, even a scientist devoted to lichens.

Our Education Committee sponsors birding classes for school kids and searches out opportunities to reach young people with the message about the need to get outdoors and care for nature.

Our Conservation Committee members roll up their sleeves to remove invasive species from parks, sponsor workshops on environmental issues and work to influence policy-makers on the local and national level.

Bird hikes led by St. Paul Audubon members are a fun way to explore the area’s many fascinating parks and wildlife areas to watch migrant and resident birds. Members have the opportunity to become citizen scientists by participating in bird counts held throughout the year. One of the high points of the year is the annual Christmas Bird Count in December. Many other opportunities to give nature a boost and have fun outdoors are announced at the monthly members’ meeting and through our award-winning newsletter.

St. Paul Audubon members are busy, dedicated people who bring a whole host of skills and interests to our organization. Whether you enjoy writing about or researching issues, designing programs for school kids, leading or joining bird walks, planning symposiums or anything else related to the natural world, we invite you to join us. Your reward comes in being part of a group of like-minded and interesting people who are making a difference.