Archive: The Cardinal Newsletter

February/March 2016

Bird Nests: How Do They Do That? with Clay Christensen | Debunking Fracking with Louis Ascher | President’s Message | SPAS’s Spring Warbler Weekend Info & Registration | 2016 Fund Drive | Volunteers Needed | Linda Goodspeed, Volunteer Extraordinaire | Bird Count Wrap-up | Book Review: The Boy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James Audubon | The Landscape Revival — Native Plant Expo and Market info | Adopt a Garden | What Does My ‘ism’ Have to do With Bird Conservation? | and more…

December 2015/January 2016

Wildlife of the Masai Mara with Ben Wilson | 2015 St. Paul North Christmas Bird Count | President’s Message | Our Annual Fund Drive | Snowy Owls Make Early Fall Appearance | The Living Bird: 100 years of Listening to Nature | A Day at Crex Meadows in October | What A Lovely Fall We All Enjoyed! | The Kestrel Nest Box Project | MOU Paper Session, December 5th | BOOK REVIEW: The Meaning of Wilderness | Conservation Committee Report

October/November 2015

Amphibians and Reptiles of Minnesota with John Moriarty | The Nesting Ecology of Red-headed Woodpeckers with Brittney Yohannes | President’s Message | A Day at Crex Meadows, Grantsburg, WI | For the Birds: The Life of Roger Tory Peterson | Bees and Butterflies on the Mind

August/September 2015

The Science & Compassion of Wildlife Medicine | Butterflies & Birds | State Birds | Tips for Better Birding | St. Paul Audubon Committees | An Evening @ Vadnais/Sucker Lake Regional Parks

June/July 2015

Saint Paul Audubon’s Butterfly Census | President’s Message | Summer Kids’ Bird Camp | The Blooming Prairie at Long Lake Regional Park | An Evening at Sucker and Vadnais Parks | “Working” with Youth

April/May 2015

April Meeting: Up Close and Personal: A Microscopic Look at Contour Feathers With Mike Billington | May Meeting: No Free Lunch: The Ecological Impacts of Woody Biomass Harvesting With Dr. Michael Rentz | Spring & Summer Field Trips | Warbler Weekend Info | Hanging out at the Fish Market: A Galapagos Tale | Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom Dedication

February/March 2015

New Challenges Facing Minnesota’s Bats – February 12, 2015 General Meeting | Golden Eagles in Minnesota – March 2015 General Meeting | President’s Message | Saint Paul Audubon’s Spring Warbler Weekend | Thunder Birds: Nature’s Flying Predators by Jim Arnosky | The BIG River Journey

December 2014/January 2015

Birds of Cuba – December 11th | The Science and Compassion of Wildlife Medicine – January 8th | Chapter President’s Message | SPAS Annual Fund Drive | Project FeederWatch | Christmas Bird Count

October/November 2014

Oct 9th – Crex Meadows Wildlife Area History and Management by Kristi Pupak | November 13th – The Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Birds: From Behavior to Populations by Hannah Specht | Chapter President’s Message | SPAS ANNUAL FUND DRIVE | Christmas Bird Count December 20th

August/September 2014

September 11th General Meeting features Matthew Anderson, Executive Director, Audubon Minnesota | Calling all Chimney Swift enthusiasts | Chapter President’s Message | Summer Kids’ Bird Camp Wrap Up | Summer Field Trip September 10th | The new Merlin App | Scouting Birding Merit Badges