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October & November 2021

  • President’s Message
  • Calling for volunteers to clear buckthorn
  • Field trips
  • Monthly meeting speakers
  • Four new grants awarded
  • Get to know Kiki Sonnen
2021 October & November Cardinal

2021 October & November Cardinal

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Sandhill Cranes by Patrick McInnis

The Cranes at Crex trip brings surprises this year

Saint Paul Audubon’s annual field trip to see the Sandhill Cranes at Crex Meadows took a few unexpected turns this year.
Pig's Eye Regional Park

Pig’s Eye Regional Park Report

The following report was created by Jarita Chen, a Macalester…
Sandhill Cranes by Patrick McInnis

Sandhill Cranes in Crex Meadows SWA

Since historic times, Greater Sandhill Cranes have congregated by the thousands every autumn evening in the marshes and ponds now called Crex Meadows, located on the north side of Grantsburg, WI.
The American Kestrel

“The American Kestrel,” featuring Julian Sellers.

“The American Kestrel,” featuring Julian Sellers. This…
Lebanon Hills Regional Park

In-Person Field Trips to Resume!

The Saint Paul Audubon Society board is happy to announce that…
Great Gray Owl

SENTINELS OF THE BOREAL – A Short Film by Tomas Koeck

The boreal forest is the largest piece of forested wilderness…