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Big, Bright Birds

Returning migrants stand out in brilliant orange, red or blue coats as they settle in and advertise for a mate.

Spring, the Singingest Season

Chickadees and cardinals sing lilting songs, but their meaning may be in the ear of the beholder

April/May 2010

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Urban Eagles

Most bald eagles nest far to the north of the Twin Cities, but a number of these birds raise their young in the metro area.

Eavesdropping Helps Birds Avoid Danger

When chickadees chatter that a predator is near, other birds do well to listen.

February/March 2010

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Natty, Noisy Nuthatch

“Yank . . . yank . . .yankyank.”

Disappearing Act

“Where have all the goldfinches gone?” people ask, lamenting the absence of these bright, chipper little birds at feeders and birdbaths now that winter is looming.

December 2009/January 2010

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