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Swan season is winter’s prelude

Take a day trip to view dozens, even hundreds of tundra swans pausing on the Mississippi during migration—but hurry, they’ll soon be gone.

Don’t Hole Up All Winter

Woodpeckers don’t hole up for the entire winter. They spend their nights in a roosting cavity, but on most days, they’re out searching for grubs and other food.

Crows are Nature’s Scamps

Love them or hate them, crows are some of the smartest and most adaptable birds around, and they’re a lot like us.

Along the Bluebird Trail

Humans are helping the robin’s beautiful cousin, once a rare sight, make an astounding comeback.

October/November 2010

Who is Charles Darwin? October Chapter Meeting | Walter J. Breckenbridge, November Chapter Meeting | North American Butterfly Census | Book Reviews | Birding in Minnesota | Join us October 14th at 6:45 at the Fairview Community Center in Roseville. Mark Borello will be our featured speaker.

The Journey Begins

In one of the most astounding feats in the natural world, tiny songbirds travel thousands of miles on migration, sometimes finishing up at the same tree they left last spring.

Young Birds Go to “Song School”

Time spent practicing pays off next year, when the best singers get the best territories and mates.

August/September 2010

Planes and Cranes – A Story of Hope for the Endangered Whooping Crane (September meeting topic) | Nature Notes | 2nd Annual Chimney Swift Count | Tar Sands – Dirty Oil | North Shore Migration – Watchers Needed | Join us September 9th at 6:45 at the Fairview Community Center in Roseville for our first 2010-2011 meeting.

Nature’s Nomads

Breathtakingly beautiful Cedar Waxwings are “here today, gone tomorrow” birds, and the reason might surprise you.