Woodcock of Rush City – weather looks windy but okay

Mon, Apr 30 , 2018
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Rush City Woodcock
530 St and River Road,
Rush City, MN 55069

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Bring another layer to put on …

as the air cools quickly these evenings and the wind will amplify that cooling. Even if you did not call, we will see you at the gathering place clearly described below.

American Woodcock twitters are not tweets.

The American Woodcock songs and Sky Dance are more than just remarkably entertaining. American Woodcock both breed and migrate farther north through this peaceful, prime habitat in the St Croix Valley.

The American Woodcock is an incredible woodland shorebird with unique adaptations for seeing, feeding, and courting. They pay little attention to bird watchers even as courting males spiral high, then fall, twittering, to land in nearly the same takeoff place. Viewers normally have had their choice of several pair to approach for closer observation in this easily accessed area. (Of course, we must add that there are no guarantees, wild birds being what they are, even when so single minded.) We will chat about many things, including just what is so weird about this bird and what makes this place so special for both resident and migrant Woodcock populations.

Sunset: 8:17 pm; Twi: 8:30 pm; Moonrise: 9:02 pm; Moon at 99.8% illumination; Full moon on 29th

Special Instructions: Spring ground may be damp so wear boots or shoes that can get wet, bring a folding chair or plastic bag to sit on, and a warm jacket for cooling temperatures.
There are no facilities at the site.
Optional, bring a very strong flashlight if you already have one, to help follow woodcock in flight; and consider binoculars for other birds.
We will all leave together after the show.

Registration: Contact Chase by April 25, leave name, email and phone number for notification on April 24  should high probability of extended strong thunder with lightning storms at the site cause postponement to Wednesday.  ccdavies@aol.com  or phone 651 633 1663.

Bad Weather Backup: None this year.

Leaders: Ed and Chase Davies.

Questions? Only on April 25, use Chase’s cell: 651 246 9754. Other times use home phone number: 651 633 1663.

Difficulty: Easy 2-4 block walk, and well worth the bit of a drive.

Driving Directions: Drive time from northern junction of 35 W with 35 E to the site is 40 minutes at posted speed limits. Drive north on I-35 to Exit 159, Rush City. Turn right onto 4th St aka MN 361. Travel through Rush City to the only stop sign and turn left (north) onto Bremer, which becomes Forest Blvd after a couple bends. Travel 2.25 miles , then turn right (east) onto 530th street aka County 56 and County 3. You will go 3 miles from Co 361 to your destination: after 1.5 miles the blacktop road becomes good firm gravel, then one mile farther you will cross a stream on a cement bridge, and one half mile farther is your destination. We will roadside park on the wide, firm shoulder just west of where Co 3 turns south near the St. Croix River. Total mileage from the Jct of 35E and 35W to the site is 40 miles and drive time keeping the posted speed limits is 40 minutes. We will all leave together after the viewing.