Valley View Park (Prairie Tuesday #2)

Tue, Aug 13 , 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Valley View Park
5575 Osgood Avenue North,
Oak Park Heights, MN 55082

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A quality hillside prairie with high diversity

This is the second of three summer Prairie Tuesday evening walks to observe, comment on, and enjoy native prairie plant diversity. Each walk will have a secondary focus for discussion – the topic for this walk is: Late summer blooming prairie – How has abundance and diversity of native plants impacted the local bird-life web?

Come  enjoy delightful, blooming, summer prairie plants and the winged creatures that visit them in this prairie gem!

Why Prairies?

Briefly: Birds need insects. Insects need food. Plants provide food for birds and insects. People, as well as needing food, thrive on the calm and beauty of natural places.

Why This Prairie?

When seeking great places for birding or botanizing, Washington County has many such areas.  Oakdale has retained and restored this Park. This is a relatively new location for SPAS walks. Our co-leader is Kathy Widin, former Oak Park Heights Arborist and leader for the St. Croix Oak Savanna Wild Ones.


The higher quality portion of Valley View Park’s prairie overlooks the valley portion. Your moderate walk starts downhill on blacktop surface through woodlands, then on turf, and finally up and down through woods on a compressed dirt trail to the prairie.


Going south from Hwy 36 on Osgood Avenue, continue beyond Upper 55th St. to the large sign on the left for Valley View Park. Bring your 10 power magnifier or borrow one from Chase. Consider a camera, bug repellent, hat, and walking stick. Wear closed-toe shoes with socks above the ankle. No registration required. All prairie trips led by Chase Davies, 651-633-1663  or

General Instructions

Bring your 10 power magnifier or borrow one from Chase. Consider a camera and bug repellent. Wear closed-toe shoes with socks above the ankle.


No registration required


Moderate walk


Chase Davies   651-633-1663