Tuesday Summer Prairie Walk Series – PT2: Rachel C Lilly Preserve in Bloom

Tue, Jul 10 , 2018
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Rachel C Lilly Preserve
680 MN-110,
Mendota Heights, MN 55118

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Long light of evening enhances prairie blooms.

This is the second of four of SPAS’ summer Tuesday evening prairie walks to observe, comment on, and enjoy native prairie plant diversity. Each walk will have a secondary focus for discussion – the topic for this walk will be adaptations of plants to heat and drought.  I hope you will come to enjoy some delightful, blooming, summer prairie plants and some winged creatures that may visit them on this well-managed prairie!

Why Prairies?

Briefly: Birds need insects. Insects need food. Plants provide foods. People, as well as needing food, thrive on the calm and beauty of natural places.

Why This Prairie?

Dodge Nature Center installed and has actively managed this prairie on part of the Rachel C Lilly Preserve since 1963.  Exactly what will be in bloom on this date changes from year to year, yet is generally predictable. The combination of expectation coupled with surprise that has drawn me to this prairie for well over five years.


Enter from Hwy 110 – bear left to park near the barn or bear right to park in the Mendota Heights UCC church parking lot.

Four prairie Tuesday walks will highlight numerous bird and native plant effects.


All are easy walks. Bring your 10 power magnifier or borrow one from Chase. Consider a camera and bug repellent. Wear closed-toe shoes with socks above the ankle. No registration required. All trips led by Chase Davies, 651-633-1663 or ccdavies@aol.com.