Jonathon Poppele: Bird language

March 2018 Membership Meeting

Thu, Mar 8 , 2018
6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Fairview Community Center
1910 W. County Road B,
Roseville, MN 55113

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Jonathan Poppele: Bird language

March 2018 Membership Meeting

Jonathon Poppele: Bird languageJonathan Poppele is a naturalist, author and educator who works to help people connect more deeply to themselves, to others, and to the natural world. He earned a master’s degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota studying citizen science and ways to cultivate a personal relationship with the nature and taught at the U of M for many years before leaving to focus on his own projects. An avid outdoorsman and student of natural history, Jon is an active member of the Minnesota Astronomical Society, serves as the Minnesota coordinator for Bird Language Leaders, and is the founder and director of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project. Jon is also Head Instructor of the Center for Mind-Body Oneness in Saint Paul, MN, where he teaches meditation, mindfulness, and the peaceful martial art of Ki-Aikido.

Learning and recognizing bird calls can enhance our birding experiences and enjoyment. But what about how the birds themselves communicate to each

Jonathan Poppele considers birds the alarm system of the forest, broadcasting the whereabouts of other birds and creatures that share our natural world. Learning bird language allows us to see more wildlife and feel more connected to the environment. Experienced bird language observers use their skills to identify the cat moving unseen through nearby thickets, or to predict the approach of hikers before we see them.

Jon is an independent naturalist, author and educator. He has a Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology studying animal tracking. He is the founder and director of the Minnesota Tracking Project and is the Minnesota coordinator for Bird Language Leaders, a partnership between the National Audubon Society and
Nature Connection Mentoring Foundation.

Jon will introduce us to the world of bird language and share the fundamentals of interpreting the language. He will help broaden our skills as we continue to increase our knowledge of our feathered friends.