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2019 Landscape Revival: Native Plant Expo and Market – Oakdale

Sat, Jun 8 , 2019
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Oakdale City Hall
1584 Hadley Ave N,
Oakdale, MN 55128

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The Landscape Revival

The Oakdale Native Plant Expo and Market offers gardeners one convenient location to shop for Minnesota native plants from 6 local native growers and learn how to use the plants from conservation organizations. The goal of Landscape Revival is to promote the use of native plants by educating about their benefits for wildlife habitat, pollinators and water quality.

Purchase pollinator-safe native plants at Landscape Revival. Native growers participating in the sale do not use systemic pesticides.

Why Natives?

Many of us don’t think about choosing plants that are native to Minnesota when we plan our gardens. Instead, we pick plants for their color, their hardiness or how quickly they grow. But by choosing Minnesota native plants, plant species that have grown in this area for hundreds of years and are thus well adapted to our conditions, we can create spectacular gardens that are a haven for wildlife and protect our lakes and the Mississippi River.

In Minnesota, there are trends that threaten wildlife. Bees, butterflies, birds and other animals are quickly losing their habitat as our growing population creates the need for more land development. These developments also change how water moves over the landscape and create more runoff where water would naturally soak into the soil. Also, the spread of invasive plants is degrading and fragmenting the habitat that remains. You can help by growing native plant species that sustain wildlife in a way that non-native plants do not.

Begin creating your wildlife oasis by talking to professionals at the Landscape Revival. You can start small. The beauty and rewards you discover will make you want to do more!


St. Paul Audubon Society, Blue Thumb, Wild Ones, and City of Oakdale.

Landscape Revival Oakdale Expo/Exhibitors

2018 Growers & Exhibitors for Shoreview & Oakdale 
Ecoscapes Native Nursery
Glacial Ridge Growers
Mn Native Landscapes
Native Sun Seeds & Plants
Sogn Valley Farms (Oakdale)
2018 List of Shoreview Expo/Exhibitors:
Humming for
Mn Dragonfly
MN Wildflower
Monarch Joint
Ramsey Co. Coop Weed
Ramsey Conservation
Restoring the
Rice Creek Watershed
St. Paul Audubon
U. of Mn Bee
Vadnais Lake Area
Wild Ones | Big River Big
2018 List of Oakdale Expo/Exhibitors:
Humming for
Washington Co Master Gardeners | Monarchs &
Pollinator Friendly
St. Pail Audubon
Washington Conservation
Wild Ones | St Croix Oak


Volunteer coordinators

For questions about Landscape Revival, contact one of our volunteer coordinators below.