Donald Wyse, Professor of Agronomy

February 2018 Membership Meeting

Thu, Feb 8 , 2018
6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Fairview Community Center
1910 W. County Road B,
Roseville, MN 55113

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February 2018 Membership Meeting

“Developing High-Efficiency Agricultural and Food Systems” with Donald Wyse, Professor of Agronomy and Plant Genetics at the University of Minnesota.

Thursday, February 8, 2018
The Forever Green Initiative (FGI) is leading an effort to improve the efficiency and sustainability of Minnesota agricultural systems by developing new crops that can be planted by farmers to produce a continuous living cover and provide them with new, economically viable options for their farming operations. Based at the University of Minnesota, the FGI involves many partners in the commercial, research, and conservation sectors.

FGI’s goal is to develop a wide range of commercial products from the new winter annual and perennial crops which will make it
economically possible for farmers to produce the crops and thereby achieve previously unattainable solutions to the state’s water quality
challenges. The key to transforming Minnesota’s agriculture is the emergence of a new demand for a wide range of bio-based products
(food, fuel, polymers) that can be provided by the new Forever Green Initiative crops.

This new bio-economy is building on the strengths of current agriculture by integrating new crops and providing feedstocks for a wide range of new food, energy, and bio-based products. Integrating new crops, such as perennials and winter-tolerant species, in current agricultural production systems enables substantial increases in total production by making better use of soil, water, nutrients, and solar energy. Adding crops besides corn and soybeans to Minnesota agriculture will help provide diversity to Minnesota farm country. Getting the farmers on board to improve the soil and water of Minnesota cropland can only help the birds and other creatures who make their homes in Minnesota’s farm country.