Urban Eagles

Most bald eagles nest far to the north of the Twin Cities, but a number of these birds raise their young in the metro area.

Eavesdropping Helps Birds Avoid Danger

When chickadees chatter that a predator is near, other birds do well to listen.

Natty, Noisy Nuthatch

“Yank . . . yank . . .yankyank.”

Disappearing Act

“Where have all the goldfinches gone?” people ask, lamenting the absence of these bright, chipper little birds at feeders and birdbaths now that winter is looming.

Birds Face Migration Gauntlet

Restless birds are casting their eyes on the skies in backyards, parks, fields and woodlands. Millions and millions of them are packing up and flying off to warmer places where they’ll spend the next six months. These include Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and House Wrens as well as Sandhill Cranes and Bald Eagles.

Mockingbird Song

Mockingbirds in Fickle Climates Sing Fancier Tunes