Don’t Hole Up All Winter

Woodpeckers don’t hole up for the entire winter. They spend their nights in a roosting cavity, but on most days, they’re out searching for grubs and other food.

Crows are Nature’s Scamps

Love them or hate them, crows are some of the smartest and most adaptable birds around, and they’re a lot like us.

Along the Bluebird Trail

Humans are helping the robin’s beautiful cousin, once a rare sight, make an astounding comeback.

The Journey Begins

In one of the most astounding feats in the natural world, tiny songbirds travel thousands of miles on migration, sometimes finishing up at the same tree they left last spring.

Young Birds Go to “Song School”

Time spent practicing pays off next year, when the best singers get the best territories and mates.

Nature’s Nomads

Breathtakingly beautiful Cedar Waxwings are “here today, gone tomorrow” birds, and the reason might surprise you.

Life in the Fast Lane

Ruby-throated hummingbirds—among the feistiest birds around—have returned. They winged out of Central America about two weeks before they began appearing in backyards in early May. First to arrive were males, racing to claim a territory and get ready for females, who arrive a couple of weeks later. They battle and squabble with each other and anything else—you, the family dog or other birds—that strays into their feeding territories.

The Two Faces of House Wrens

These tiny, energetic birds are a backyard favorite but it’s not surprising that bluebirds and chickadees consider them home wreckers.

Big, Bright Birds

Returning migrants stand out in brilliant orange, red or blue coats as they settle in and advertise for a mate.

Spring, the Singingest Season

Chickadees and cardinals sing lilting songs, but their meaning may be in the ear of the beholder