Urban Red-tails

As I drive the freeways here in the metro area, I often see a red-tailed hawk sitting atop a light pole, staring intently at the ground. It sometimes seems like a very casual, over-the-shoulder look. This is a classic sit-and-wait predator.

Good looks, sweet songs

Cardinals, one of the backyard’s most beautiful birds, are homebodies, sticking around all year long.

Swans Trumpet Once Again

Trumpeter swans are back from the brink, but they left one thing behind—the urge to migrate.

Birds On Alert

Why Feeder Birds ‘Freeze’ or Scatter. Danger can lurk in the backyard, and birds are always on the alert for signals that put them on the defensive.

Finches Spread Like Wildfire

Their beautiful, year-round song led to their appeal as caged birds, but they’ve emerged as the ultimate survivors.

Perky and popular

Would chickadees be on most people’s “favorite bird” lists if they were half as bouncy and endearing?

The Miracle Called Migration

Most of our summertime birds will soon be gone, winging their way southward in an awe-inspiring annual ritual.

“Dog days” are prime time for birds

Late summer is a time for birds to kick back a bit and catch their breath before it’s time to start preparing for winter.

Feathery Foster Care

Some bird behavior is driven by instinct, some is learned through experience, and some just seems plain quirky.

A loud call and a flash of blue

It’s sometimes easier to hear kingfishers than see them, but it’s well worth a search to discover these handsome fishing birds.