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October/November 2013

October Member Meeting: ‘Bison on the Open Prairies’ by Jon Grinnell – October 10th | November Member Meeting: ‘Grasshopper Sparrows in Decline’ by Lisa Harn – November 14th | Education Committee Volunteers on the Big River Journey | BOOK REVIEW “The Birdman of Lauderdale” by Clay Christensen

August/September 2013

Member Meeting Agenda for 2013-14 | Audubon & the Art of Birds, Sept 12th by Don Luce | The Education Committee’s Summer Project: Como Bird Camp! | SPAS Conservation Committee: All About Saving Birds | On The Trail Again… | Local Resources

Grosbeaks are the Bandana Bird

Remember that Coasters tune with the refrain: “He wears a red bandana, plays a blues pianna, in a honky-tonk, down in Mexico?” Well, who’s to say the rock and roll group’s song doesn’t also refer to one of the most beautiful birds in backyard and woodlot—at least until you get to the “pianna” part?

Nest Cams Put You in the Catbird Seat

One of the most endearing thing about birds is how much of their lives are lived on view, out in the open. We watch them drinking and bathing, foraging for food and eating it, resting on perches and even copulating. We can observe nearly every aspect of avian life—except for the most important of all, their lives as parents. That’s almost always been hidden, tucked away inside a cup nest back in a shrub or within a tree cavity. Until now.

June/July 2013

Saint Paul Audubon’s Butterfly Count | Great Blue Heron Chick Hatches on Live Cornell Cam | Solar-powered bird bath instructions | Online Guide to North American Birds | Field Trips & Other Chapter Happenings

April/May 2013

A Love Affair with Birds: The Life of Thomas Sadler Roberts with Sue Leaf – April 11th | Monarch Butterflies: Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? with Grant Bowers – May 9th | Saint Paul Audubon Presents this Slate of Candidates for 2013/14 | 2013-2014 Proposed Budget Highlights | SPAS Spring Warbler Weekend | Tuesday Mornings in May & June are for Early Birders! | Spring Field Trips | Book Review: The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation by Mike Unwin | Audubon’s newest Citizen Science program, “Hummingbirds at Home”