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February/March 2015

New Challenges Facing Minnesota’s Bats – February 12, 2015 General Meeting | Golden Eagles in Minnesota – March 2015 General Meeting | President’s Message | Saint Paul Audubon’s Spring Warbler Weekend | Thunder Birds: Nature’s Flying Predators by Jim Arnosky | The BIG River Journey

December 2014/January 2015

Birds of Cuba – December 11th | The Science and Compassion of Wildlife Medicine – January 8th | Chapter President’s Message | SPAS Annual Fund Drive | Project FeederWatch | Christmas Bird Count

October/November 2014

Oct 9th – Crex Meadows Wildlife Area History and Management by Kristi Pupak | November 13th – The Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Birds: From Behavior to Populations by Hannah Specht | Chapter President’s Message | SPAS ANNUAL FUND DRIVE | Christmas Bird Count December 20th

August/September 2014

September 11th General Meeting features Matthew Anderson, Executive Director, Audubon Minnesota | Calling all Chimney Swift enthusiasts | Chapter President’s Message | Summer Kids’ Bird Camp Wrap Up | Summer Field Trip September 10th | The new Merlin App | Scouting Birding Merit Badges

April/May 2014

Birds of a Feather by Laura Erickson | Northwest Minnesota through the Seasons with Bruce Flaig | 2014-15 Proposed Budget Highlights | Board and Officer Slate for 2014-15 | Field Trips | Saint Paul Audubon’s Spring Warbler Weekend | New Garden Chemicals Bad for Bees | Osprey Metro Watch | Once There was a Bird Sanctuary…

February/March 2014

The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area: 25 Years and Growing! | The Powerful Vision of Raptors | Annual Fund Drive Donors | St. Paul ‘North’ CBC Results | Field Trips Leaders are Needed | Saint Paul Audubon’s Spring Warbler Weekend | Book Review: A Natural History of Who Birds Are, Where They Came From, and How They Live

8 Ways to Help Birds

A brand-new year lies ahead, full of possibilities and opportunities. Here are some suggestions for ways to help the birds (and other flying things) that bring such beauty and joy to our lives.

December 2013/January 2014

Rachel Carson and the Age of Environmentalism by William Souder (General Meeting 12/12/13) | Perils to Frogs and Wetlands by Dr. Judy Helgen (General Meeting 01/09/14) | St. Paul Chapter’s Annual Fund Drive | Christmas Bird Count – December 14th, 2013. (note: date is incorrect in printed Cardinal) | Call for SPAS Board Nominees