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Check the trees for a suite of birds (1/2014)
Woodpeckers and their cohorts wrangle through the winter woods in search of high-energy food to fuel their active lifestyles.

The Squeaky Bird of the Forest (11/2013)
These long-billed, active little birds zigzag all over a tree in search of a meal, sounding like tiny tin horns as they stay in contact with their kind.

Bird World Changes With the Seasons (10/2013)
We can take steps to assist migrants and even the odds for backyard birds who battle the elements during our long, cold winters.

A River of Birds Streams by at Night (09/2013)
Songbirds and shorebirds, geese and ducks and raptors spent the summer raising their young, but now it’s time to head for warmer zones, where food is more abundant.

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